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February 21, 2012


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Please tell Chris that he is not alone.

You just did, Jim. I'm sure he'll welcome any commentary you make here today, tomorrow or Thursday.

Very brave to be sharing this. Chris makes excellent points about being hired mid-life. His situation is not a one-off.

I have had several business colleagues within the past few months contact me to tell me they have finally thrown in the towel and changed careers. They all are over 50 years old. What are they doing now? Chiefly selling real estate and financial planning ... areas where age and expertise matter, in the right direction.

Interesting, Shelley. You wouldn't believe how many times I've had lower-tier life insurance companies pull my resume off of Monster.com and email me offering me a sales "trainee" position that they guaranteed would earn me high five figures the first year. I had one company chase me for months trying to interview me for a "public relations" position that turned out to be selling supplemental health benefits to union members. Ugggh.

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