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August 30, 2012


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I don't expect Mitt to paint any rainbows over my blues

David - you should seriously pitch yourself to CNN as a speech analyst to sit on the panel afterwards. I watched today's post Ryan speech analysis and what the panel needs is someone with an opinion about speech content and delivery (and also about the adults in the crowd wearing elephant costumes) - and I know you wouldn't disappoint!

Jim, are you truly undecided in this election? Because if so, you're a hard-toilet-seat-sitting, intellectually righteous "swing voter" (albeit not in a swing state). I hope you'll join us out here for the conversation tonight.

Yeah, Lorne, but they won't let me drink or swear on CNN, both of which I insist on doing A LOT OF when dealing consuming this political stuff.

Never stop talking, Clint. This is comedic gold.

goeie inligting, ek llike dit baie, baie dankie.

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