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August 01, 2012


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"But Sorek did allow his lips to form words to the effect that IABC needs to help communicators get taken seriously in the C-suite."

David, I enjoy the IABC Houston chapter. A great group of folks who are passionate. I know that you are passionate and am still honored I got to ride in the scout.

The statement in quotes above is where I definitely agree with you and is my focus. So many of us bang our heads against the proverbial wall when it comes to that durn table. And when we get there, we have to hope they actually listen to us. If he can help IABC truly gain that credibility - wow.

David- I have been thinking a bit more and (without any aid from alcohol) came up with the following. It seems to fit with your idea that IABC should just try to be better and not to be different. So here goes:

The fundamental problem, as I see it, is that IABC has a dependable source of income from its membership activities but this income is not sufficient to allow for any significant expansion involving expense and, in particular, is not enough to cover any mistakes- which will inevitably occur if the organization ventures into activities with which it is not familiar. One possibility would be to aggressively embark on a fund-raising program but this is likely to dilute the activities directed towards maintaining a healthy and satisfied membership. The alternative is to take a really hard look at what are IABC's core strengths and work on those to ensure they are the best in class, forgetting all the frills.

My recommendations are:


Communications World
The name "Gold Quill" (wrong image)
International development

Review for improvement

Achievement Awards (former Gold Quill) and other rewards
Roles and responsibilities of staff and Boards
Balance between acting communicators and consultants/suppliers


Top quality Conferences
Grass roots support
Quality image

Things to give up

Belief that switching to the latest technology and gadgets will solve all communications issues.
Urge to be seen as "big" and "important" when there are not enough resources.
Ideas about advocacy. (IABC membership is not comfortable in conflict situations).
Making IABC a power in the boardroom. (Only individuals can do that by virtue of their qualities and aspirations).
Glossing over issues and problems.

And now I can have that drink!

Now that's some radical thinking, Peter.

To your points:

• Agreed that Communication World should be ditched, but I believe something should take its place. An association—any big community—needs a regular shared experience like a monthly publication provides. It just needs a much more stimulating and useful one than this. I could come up with lots of good ideas, but not for free.

• Not sure they should shitcan accreditation entirely. I think it's useful at least in this way: Jumping through the hoops of getting accredited telegraphs to others in your profession (e.g., hiring communication managers) that you're committed to a career in this business, which is useful for them to know. I just think

• Gold Quill. Agreed. Sounds incredibly old-fashioned (rich, I know, coming from the program director of the Cicero Speechwriting Awards) and has everything to do with WRITING, which really is the last thing communicators want to ID as their forte.

• And as for grass roots support, we hear this a lot. I think the best thing IABC can do to build it, is to get better centrally—issuing more interesting and intelligent and candid publications, holding better conferences and generally churning out less phony, highfalutin baloney. The better the central organization, the more attractive chapter membership and volunteer work will be.

And that sound you hear is the scraping of the bottom of the barrel on my own thinking about how IABC could improve.

Or maybe it's the bottom of your glass.

The glass contained 11% alcohol dark beer brewed by Trappist monks in Rochefort, here in Belgium. Thus emboldened...

1. Communications World is old-fashioned and feeble. It could surely be replaced by something more dynamic, less costly, and a flagship in communications techniques. IABC has got to learn to let go of its treasured possessions.

2, Accreditation has no validity outside the profession and precious little within. It could easily be folded into a revamped Rewards program.

3. Phoney high-falutin baloney exists within IABC because it exists within organisations. Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? But that's what I meant about not glossing things over.

4. The central organisation should be as transparent and flexible as possible. At the same time it should have a clear vision and stick to it. Sometimes you need a leader who leads- cuts through the clutter.

Amazing what these monks can do!

Wow questo sito è davvero sorprendente per me, sono rimasto colpito da questo sito.

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