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November 30, 2012


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Word around the campfire is that 16 got it.

Well, Sorek sez 10 with five more to come in the first quarter.

I've been saying for years that IABC has been on the decline because of a lack of focus on where it needs to be -- at the chapter level. (I know you disagree with my assessment.) Hopefully this new strategy will include a greater degree of chapter support rather than solely focusing on selling products and services.

While I don't endorse the execution of the communication of this change, I am now prepared to prepay 5 years of membership fees to support Sorek in his efforts in transforming the organisation. Change is hard and takes decisive leadership. I think we have seen this with this action. It also takes some time - that's why I'll give it a few years.

Who hired Sorek?

A lot of IABC staff had good relations with senior IABC members, including board members.

I wonder how many good people will want to fill these job openings at IABC after they learn how the openings opened.

It seems to me that the point of much that IABC taught in its courses and lectures and conferences was the opposite of what Sorek chose to do.

What board members either 1/ gave him permission, or, 2/set up an employment relationship that allowed him this authority.

Was there a board meeting authorizing these actions? Are there minutes going to members?

Does the anti-drunk group in England miss Sorek?

It's too bad BAK's Report has fallen asleep.


I have literally spent a career fighting the sort of Friday afternoon massacre carried out by new IABC executive director Chris Sorek. I join Brian Kilgore, Shel Holtz and Tudor Williams in condemning the way this has been handled. Smart CEO's spend some time learning the lay of the land before they launch massive change. They also prepare their constituencies and offer compelling rationales. Aside from a few platitudes about 'exciting change,' what is the persuasive rationale for such drastic action? The membership should demand accountability and candid explanations for why these actions are being taken.

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