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December 03, 2012


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Hi David.
For some clarity on this situation, please see http://news.iabc.com/index.php?s=66&cat=56.

Thanks much, Kerby. Have brought your response to the top of this post so it won't be missed.

I must say, I find fault with the statement's implication that members are to blame for engaging in "speculation" about the health of an organization that abruptly sacked half its headquarters staff without so much as posting a notice of the move on your website.

You say you've been discussing restructuring for awhile. You know and I know that in the past, IABC "restructurings" meant two people voluntarily leaving and a third person switching over from member recruiting to member retention.

To longtime IABC members, this amounts to an unannounced MASSIVE BLOODLETTING. Veteran communicators have seen too many companies--have worked for too many companies--who have made major changes with minor communications.

No matter how necessary this move might have been, an IABC veteran like you shouldn't claim to be surprised at an uproar over how it handled this.

Your comment, David, pretty much sums up my thoughts. Thanks for saying so well.

I, too, am grateful to you for your inquiry and voice on this, Mr. Murray.

Although I am rarely rendered speechless, count me among those veterans who are baffled and dismayed by the apparent insensitivity of the way this all was handled. - Good people have put their hearts and souls into this organization, and I have a hard time putting into words, how all of this makes me feel.

Well, really, there is just one word: Sad.

Jennifer, et al—

This is your association. It is run by a board made up of communicators like you. I suggest that if you are sure it is being run in the wrong way, you turn your "sad" into mad, and lobby for change.

To the extent you do, I'm happy to tell the story and help facilitate a public conversation about the proper path for IABC.


More news on the 18th? Does that appear to be a low standard for transparent, timely communication to you or is it just me?
~ five-time IABC speaker and former WSJ reporter

Yes, Kare, this situation isn't going well by any measure. How did you find out about the planned announcement on the 18th? From O'Dwyer? Or did IABC send something to you too?

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