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February 06, 2013


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It's Liz Guthridge (no extra e). I will also be at Leadership Institute with my eyes and ears open. Thanks, David.

Thanks, David. It's simply mystifying...

Molly, thanks. I made the change on Liz. If you (or anyone else) has impressions from LI that you think might "demystify" my coverage, please weigh in here, or write to me privately at writingboots at gmail dot com.

Thanks for staying on top of this, David! I continue to be dismayed that I learn more about the situation from you than from anyone in charge at IABC. The other thing about the LinkedIn discussions about accreditation are they have been moved to the ABC group -- which I believe requires you to have your ABC to join and comment.

Sue: I'm dismayed about it too. I have a limited appetite for the minutiae of accreditation legislation, so I'm not too terribly sad not to have access to that special forum. But the main forums contain many unanswered and large questions about accreditation as it is.

Like: It's taken more than 40 years to get 1,000 accredited members and make the "ABC" designation even the vaguest blip on anyone's radar. And now we're going to scrap it and start something new?

Whether it was a vague blip on anyone's radar or not, I was (and still am) proud of my accreditation. And it did make a difference with my bosses at that time in my career. However, I'm now glad I got out of IABC while the getting was good, even though it meant surrendering the ABC behind my name. At least I know the work that went into it, even if IABC refuses to acknowledge it.

Trenchant commentary, David. Hoping to see FTW! rather than WTF? soon.

Me too, Neville. Today I was eating lunch with an old communicator friend and I heard myself say, "It would be terrible if IABC disappeared." And it would. And if these people do not get their shit together and get a program together that most people can agree on ... it could.

Thanks for keeping up your insightful (inciteful too?) commentary. Whole thing, from the Friday night massacre to the lame overall response is very dismaying. Having been an executive director of several organizations (with top business executives as board members), I always felt it was my job to speak out and respond to controversy. The fact you couldn't connect with him by telephone is certainly symbolic!

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