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June 04, 2013


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From Meyers: "To this end, I am providing you with talking points and ask that do not offer comment or conjecture beyond our approved key messages."
Good job Kerby, Try to control the thoughts and words of the people who own you. After reading a message this bad, it's hard to tell who's zooming who.

Reading between the lines, as this memo calls for a united front both in spinning the Sorek departure and in defending the current IABC "strategy" as a fait accompli, this indicates even choppier sailing aheadfor the Association.

Like it or not, this situations represents a legitimate opportunity for IABC members and leaders to reassess the Association's direction. And this approach raises serious questions about whether IABC is willing to replace Sorek with a new head who provide an appropriate level of challenge, particularly to an IABC Board that seems to be dancing to its own tune...

No surprise to me. IABC is simply acting like every other employer in these difficult economic times, treating their employees as disposable. (Especially communications staff.)

IABC's technology "wouldn't allow" them to post a major announcement on its own website??? Sadly, that assertion is emblematic of just what a mess IABC has become.

#SMH. That is all.

Godfrey Daniel. What a cluster@#$%.

This just gets more and more ridiculous. Seriously, IABC's mouthpiece is going to question the ethics of a blogger (which, by the way -- and with all due respect to David -- is not quite the same as a news journalist, something Ms. Watson should know as a PR professional). And then remove your response when it makes her look bad? Please!

> ... treating their employees as disposable. (Especially communications staff.)

What should we expect after four decades of "human resources" and several years now of "human capital?" Don't be surprised if your next job interview includes a dental exam.

And this is the Association that purports to "own" the future of the profession? It's like 1984.

David, re: your 10:19 am PST update:

Amen, brother.

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