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August 21, 2013


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My list:


(my trousers)

You seem to have left out "drinking." Works for me.

Do something nice for somebody else

Your "ings" are a little OCD, Dave! You shoulda never got rid of that Scout.

@Suki: I can think of other things to roll.

@Bill: On the one hand, that goes without saying. On the other, today's drinking can contribute to tomorrow's anxiety, so that's a slightly complicated one. (Don't I know?)

@Jim: How can I help you?

@Joan: Actually the Scout was an anxiety-contributor (remember when you stepped on the starter fluid bottle and we all thought the whole car was going to explode?) ... and the motorcycle that replaced it washes worry off with the wind. But you'll be happy to know that the Scout sits exactly where I parked it, in Cleveland, and in the possession of my best pal's brother. So if I ever do come to my senses, I can find it.

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