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December 09, 2013


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Is he seryous? And what will his logo be, a series of converging lynes? Y did he do this?

The best time to test a potential new brand should be before you roll it out, not after.

I hope his real friends (amongst some 4,246 on Facebook) will do more than just smile and congratulate him. A real friend will quietly take him aside, hold his hand and help him find a way to make lemonade out of this lemon.

Did someone say "buyer's remorse?"

Chris recently spent a fair amount of time with Deloitte, a gig that didn't end all that long ago, so he hasn't exclusively been a sole practitioner.

While I make fun of these business names myself, there's no denying the trend in the industry. There's Flipkart, Siteworx, Automattic, Anametrix, Ignyte, Goowy, SnoCap, SoonR, Topix, the list goes on. If it works, it works.

There are a lot of trends these days, aren't there. But is being trendy always the best approach?

So why ask for feedback about your brand AFTER unveiling it? Or is he just fishing for compliments?

Years ago, I met a chap whose company name was "I Write Copy." Descriptive, to the point and, in Courier typeface on his business cards, distinctive. Now that's branding!

To each his own. And I do wish Chris every success. For real.

Hey, I don't care if you call yourself the Grace L. Ferguson Storm Door and Airline Company. Just don't roll it out and then ask me to contribute my "insights" about it.

Or should it be my "incites"--ooh, hey! ...

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