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January 30, 2014


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I'm a-gassed.

But we shouldn't be surprised by such boorish behavior. Whether at the airport, supermarket, train or on the street, hardly a day passes without someone chatting up a storm on their phone, tablet or whatever, with their personal volume cranked up to max.

If only they were interesting!

What's interesting are the rules that people make for themselves. They're not willing to fart resoundingly in an nearly empty airport gate area ... but they're willing to talk at top volume about farting "up a storm."

Reminds me of this:

'If I'm in a restaurant and I'm eating and somebody says, 'Hey, mind if I smoke,' I always ask, "No, mind if I fart? It's one of my habits. Yeah, they got a special section for me on airplanes now. I quit once for a year, you know. But I gained a lot of weight. It's hard to quit, you know? After sex, I really have an urge to light one up!' Steve Martin

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