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May 14, 2015


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Dude, I have/had no idea who you are. I've been in the PR game a while. But I DO know who the "Third" David Murray is, and I've known him (and his brand) for a loooong time. And he's awesome. Personal attacks like this just aren't needed. Get over it.

I know the "third" Dave Murray as well. And it's unfortunate that you are so insecure to feel the need to attack him.

Amazed that you consider yourself a professional communicator. The content of this article is much more in line with that of an internet troll, and hardly someone who understands anything about personal branding.

Beesly, Rachel, as I'm telling David Murray in a conversation offline, in a post meant to be humorous (but not without a point), I'm not attacking him personally, as much as I'm attacking the way he's conducting himself in this Blue Cross Blue Shield social media advertising.

It comes across to me as Self Humiliation for the Good of the Corporate Brand.

And yes, I do consider it, with tongue only partially planted in cheek, conduct unbecoming a David Murray.

Let me ask you: Would YOU participate in that "what is a pear" video?

You sir, are not a nice person. It's very obvious you are jealous of the very talented "third" David Murray, who actually is the "first" David Murray in my book. Perhaps you should put your "expert communication skills" to better use and actually work on your own reputation instead of trying to belittle someone else.

Madam, I am shocked that you would single me out as "not a nice person" in a public forum such as this. YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ME! I've lived a whole life. I have loved and lost and loved again! I have failed and I've succeeded. I've been disgusted and busted. I've been up and down and over and out! I've done it my way! And now, based on one blog post, I'm "not a nice person"?

Shame on you, Madam. SHAME!

Clarification: We did not think you were calling him a "helpless" fatty. You called him a "hapless" fatty........

Also, I sincerely did not get what you claim to be the point of your post.

Clearly, you're doing wonders for the David Murray brand with this post.

Everything you just said in the comment is EXACTLY what everyone else is directing at you right now. How dare you attack a person you don't even know just for happening to have the same name as you? You don't know him. Grow up and learn to take your own advice. For the record, yes one actuon absolutely can prove that you are not a nice person, because a nice person would have thought about th effect something like this might have on the person they are targetting. You're just being a bully and that is not nice at all.

I don't personally know anyone named David Murray. But, here's my takeaway from your post. "One David Murray thinks he's all that and a bag of chips ...
... but he still frets enough about his brand enough to run photos of himself that are more than 10 years old."

Boy, that says it all right there!

1. You think an awful lot of yourself.
2. You're insecure enough to use a picture from 10 years ago and you make yourself feel better by tearing other people down.
3. You are not an advocate of being authentic and genuine. (see number 2)

Et tu, Monty? I know and respect you and your work too much to dismiss your criticism as knee-jerk stuff you get from PR people all the time, "Everybody should be nice to everybody all the time and anytime anybody gets offended it's an automatic mistake because the only purpose in life is public relations."

OK. Perhaps this is a shitty post. Perhaps it speaks to my being a shitty guy--or at the very least shows a shitty side.

But it also speaks to an editorial philosophy I came up with. My mentor Larry Ragan used to quote it. "If you want to draw a crowd, start a fight."

But of course it takes TWO to have a fight. I fully expected David Murray--as he did once, five years ago when we went around on this very same issue--to engage a conversation, or even a fight, on this issue.

I expected him to defend his little video, or to acknowledge its flaws.

Despite the fact that I'm semi-conscious and semi-serious about my "personal brand," I'm not a public relations person. I'm a writer. I start conversations (or fights). This sort of thing is PART of my personal brand.

If this one seems like "picking on" someone not my size, then maybe that's what it is, and maybe it's wrong. But with 24K Twitter followers (versus my 800 or something), I guess I expected David to be at least as much of a public Goliath as me.

Why can't he defend himself?

You are not Prince.

You are not Madonna.

You are not Shaq.

You are nobody CLOSE to that realm.

You don't "own" the uniqueness of your name. People have the same name as you. Get over yourself.

I don't see it as picking on someone "not your size" so much as trying to tear down someone you're jealous of. Just because picking a fight draws a crowd does NOT mean that it is acceptable behavior. This antiquated journalist mentality needs to die. Picking on people is not kind, it is cruel and encouraging that kind of behavior is not helping the world at all. He doesn't need to defend himself, you need to apologize.

Chicago David Murray: Detroit David Murray has built a "personal brand" (whether intentionally or not) so that he has people who know and respect him. And, not solely on a personal level.

As with any solid, smart brand, he doesn't have to defend himself. His community is doing that and, I suspect, will continue to do so.

If you're so big on branding, I'm surprised you didn't know that about social/digital communities.

Wow. So just to be clear - your gripe is the fact that some other person out there who has the same name as you is in the same industry?

This brand you speak of, this "David Murray" identity is your name. Unfortunately for your ego, this name is extremely common. Instead of blaming David Murray (3rd Edition) for brand robbery, why not blame your parents for not copy writing your identity?

I would think that since your parents were "Mad Men" as you proclaim, they would have recognized the uphill battle you were against with a common name such as "David Murray". Had they instead named you Ulysses Caesar Popplebottom, well, I guarantee you would not be having this identity crisis today.

You claim to have "billions of followers" yet are distraught that they keep asking if you are this third DM from BCBS. Kind of ironic don't you think? I mean, had you done as good of a job building your brand as you thought you did - no one would be mistaking you for anyone.

It is sad to see a grown adult act in the matter in which you are. Your entire article is about your brand and how it has and is, being tarnished by a man you think lacks the professionalism. Amazingly however, you fail to acknowledge, that perhaps the middle aged man whining that some other man has the same name is him. Pathetic.

I personally would never hire you for a speaking engagement based on this.

Okay, either David Murray has somehow managed to gather the most humorless Twitter following in the Twittersphere ... or the most dishonest.

Either many of these commenters actually believe I object to another guy sharing my precious name, which I believe to be as unique and high-profile as that of Shaquille O'Neil ... or many of these commenters are disingenuously pretending that they believe so.

Either way ... you folks are pretty soft in the belly, and pretty easily aroused into your phony high dudgeon.

All hail this Dave Murray, king of the dicks! When called out on how much of a prick he was being, see how quickly he runs and hides behind the "I was only kidding" shield.

You weren't joking, you were being an ass, and everyone can see through your paper thin excuse.

I hate to break it to you but that "If you want to draw a crowd start a fight" philosphy has been a thing since, oh, 1914.

It is SO old, in fact, that people commonly (albeit mistakenly) reference it back to P.T. Barnum. Yes, THAT P.T. Barnum, the circus guy.

Goodness. Having a common name and ending up in the same field (or remotely the same) as someone with the same name is just part and parcel of bring a human on the planet in the 21st century. Even if you're joking with this post, which is a thin veil on the mean-spirited attacks towards the "other" Dave Murrays, it's shrill and self-centered.

I share the same name as a former Lt. Governor candidate of a state that I lived in at the time, for a party with which I don't share ideological views. I am an academic, and I have someone else peripherally in my field who shares the same first and last name as I do. And best of all, I share a name with the female bass player in an 80s band which was popular when I was in junior high school.

Want to know what I did about those things?
1. Got the f*** over it.
2. Used my full name and middle initial in print to distinguish.
3. Got teased mercilessly, and got the f*** over it.

I suggest you choose one or all of those paths forward.

I don't know either David Murray but I do know which one is a gigantic douche and it's not the hapless fatty. You should be happy, I guess, that your blog post here has gone viral and is now getting you all kinds of attention from people who don't know anything about David Murray, the brand, the myth, the legend. Any attention is good attention, right? Even if said attention is only from people who now think you're a gigantic dick.

There is one David Murray that I won't hire . . . You should consider taking up a new career. You are not a professional communicator. At vest, your humor escapes most readers. At worst, you are just a mean spirited douche.

"Weighing in" with my two cents here...

So the point of this exercise was to attack the way Detroit David Murray was conducting himself in this Blue Cross Blue Shield social media advertising?

How interesting...

It's kind of amusing, actually. As it turns out, Detroit David Murray accepted the Blue Cross challenge and has gone on to lose a lot of weight and embrace a healthy lifestyle while he continues to do what he's always done in social: share content that has value to his friends and followers. Detroit David Murray is both highly regarded professionally and well liked as a person. He is someone who builds people up, and has done so for many years--and for years before he joined Blue Cross.

Actually, it takes courage for someone to go on video and commit to making lifestyle changes. I've followed his journey to better health with great admiration--that stuff is not easy. I know this firsthand, but then you'd probably call me a "hapless fatty" too, lol.

Good luck with management of your name and personal brand, Chicago David Murray. I don't know you, haven't read your stuff and probably won't cross paths with you.

But I do look forward to giving my friend, Detroit David Murray a big hug next time I see him.

The insulted David is working to help people improve their lives. The author is trying to get people to bicker. The former won't sink to this petty argument the latter is trying to start. I think this writer only wants to cash in on the other David's popularity, earned by genuine kindness, to attract business and new readers. Such sour grapes over a lost gig. I'm sure kind David killed it.

The nature of a person's character often becomes crystal clear during times of stress and crisis. Detroit's David Murray called the author to address the author's issues privately. Friends of Detroit's Murray rose to defend his reputation through their comments here. This is evidence of pretty strong character. And character, above all things, defines the essence of a strong "personal brand."

Agreed, Andrew. (Though it was actually a brief Twitter chat that Detroit David Murray and I had, after I had sent him the link to this piece as a head's up.) He seems like a fine guy, and he seems to have lots of well-earned and fiercely loyal friends.

Geez Louise. Here's what I learned from this, David: that other David hangs around with people who are humorless, defensive, and have too much time on their hands. Not to worry--clearly that crowd wouldn't be your people anyway. Your peeps know and love you, and we aren't all that worried by trolls.

Well, thanks Joan. Actually, I kind of think that was the problem here:

The item appealed to people who know me (and to whom "David Murray" is decidedly ME, and no one else) and who know my sense of humor and the scope of my ego/humility ratio. I could see how it simultaneously seemed outrageously insulting to others, who are clearly loyal to their David Murray.

And the item wasn't important anyway, so I took it down.

What these CANNOT take away from me is my new title, a mantle that because of its royal nature and the divine right that it bestows can never be taken away from me.

King of the Dicks!

Well I didn't vote for you.

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