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May 27, 2015


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I'll offer a consumer perspective. The local newspaper ran weekly, exhaustive articles about alcoholism. The articles were funded by a grant to raise awareness about alcoholism. I've administered grants before, and grantors expect specific deliverables from their grantees. When a newspaper gives front page, exhaustive coverage to a topic that is funded by a grant, how close does that come to advertising rather than journalism? And what does that make you think about the ethics of that newspaper? Here in Anchorage, a TV reporter who had been routinely reporting on the ballot measure to legalize marijuana--unbiased, right?--quit her job on the air, announcing that she in fact ran an organization that was promoting legalization. So before condemning all readers, bear in mind that journalists and newspapers doesn't always show themselves to be unbiased, and are at least partially responsible for creating mistrust.

Joan: No doubt.

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