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June 17, 2015


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Ah c'mon, David. Not everything your kid learns from you or about you is verbal. You know that. Kids absorb stuff and form impressions. Even if you don't know exactly how to do it, you are already going about sharing your work with Scout -- and far more than most parents who go to an office -- just by letting her glimpse it. She'll figure it out soon enough. But if you're the best comedian she has ever known, maybe it's time to have those talks about sex and money. And would you please try getting through them without farting?

Well, yes Paul. And Scout does see me and Cristie mostly enjoy our work and not drag our asses into it every day.

And you and I do both subscribe largely to the Eddie Reardon theory of parenting. (For the uninitiated, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PARENTING. YOU KIDS JUST WATCH YOU FOR 18 YEARS. IF YOU'RE GOOD, THAT'S GOOD. IF YOU'RE BAD, THAT'S BAD.)

However, there are a few crucial points where the temptation to be conscious and intentional and ... what do they call it these days? MINDFUL! ... about the thing. Work is one of those things.

If I could teacher her my emotional intelligence as it applies to my work, well that would be good. Or maybe it would not.

What do I know? I'm just the dad.

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