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September 15, 2015


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Are you sure about the Pabst?

No one can ever be sure of anything. But I have performed experiments with Pabst in many different environments and in a wide variety of conditions. The stuff holds up.

I think you need to add a bit more nuance to your breakdown. There are hipsters who fit your description, who live only for a PBR and Beam (with the occasional Old Style mixed in) and then there are yuppies who have appropriated the garb, surface level musical tastes, and facial hair of the hipster identity in order to cover their rampant campaign of $10 cocktails and gentrification.

That may well be, Joe. And meanwhile the bohemians have disappeared entirely. They existed as late as the late 1990s in my Chicago neighorhood. The times they are a changin'. And maybe the times they are also a stayin' the same.

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