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December 08, 2015


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The word is a label that goes on a wall, and we put all the people we fear on the other side. It is a simplistic way of thinking that is not only wrong, but (as you say) makes it more difficult for these people to be dialed-back to rational though still passionate behavior.

Yep. And simplistic thinking has its time and place. When you're being attacked by a mugger, there's no time to consider the socioeconomic causes of the attack. (The bastard is clearly radicalized!)

But in contending with this situation long-term, it's not helpful to split the word simply into fuckers and non-fuckers, cuz it just makes the fuckers madder. (That's kind of how it has worked with racism, for years.)

I'm not opposed to "radicalized"--as one part of our vocabulary on this issue. But I distrust it as the only one.

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