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December 10, 2015


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The opposite of an authentic leader is a fake leader. An authentic leader actually leads while a fake leader appears to lead.

An authentic leader says "we have less money, fewer people, and the deck is stacked against us but we do have some things going for us and we're going to compete like hell and let the cards fall where they may." Then takes responsibility for the results.

A fake leader says, "we are better, we are absolutely going to win, and no one can stop us." Then shifts blame to someone else when the results don't go his/her way, or takes credit for a win s/he didn't earn.

Do authentic leaders act with confidence they don't necessarily feel? Sure. But if they admit they're doing it their followers will run through walls for them.

Fake leaders lie to take us into wars in which we don't belong and promote economic systems that are built on nothing but smoke.

I'll take an authentic leader any day.

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