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July 22, 2016


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Damn well said. You should get into writing professionally. Safe ride home. Got some gin waiting for you.

Nicely said, David!

You nailed it, David.

here here Mr D.........when does the book come out. you have a goo start right here.

The Trump rhetoric has me so scared I'm going to move to Thailand and Thailand is run by Generals.

A good friend said it best: his speech sounded better in the original German.

Well said!

Applause coming your way from Massachusetts, David

Well said, David! The fear mongering and awfulizing were so full of hyperbole and exaggeration that it was hard to listen to all week. To see the fervor and frothing at the mouth in that crowd was reminiscent of watching Hitler's crowds. The promises made by the man who's name shall not be spoken were unbelievable. What a familiar formula. Scare the hell out of the populace, then show them the promised land under their leadership. As my Grand Forks friends say, "uff da"!

From Shaker Hts...Excellent piece! And now more than one week later after the hate fest, it is even more obvious that Trump has a severe personality disorder. Apart from being a pathological liar ( re. David Schwartz who wrote the art of the deal for Trump) the Donald is empirically a sociopathic narcissist who is essentially a con man who does not care about victims. I know that my friend Frank Butler is one of the smartest and nicest people on the planet, however this election is not just about parties, it is about the danger of a racist, misogynist with a clear personality disorder in charge of the most powerful country in the world; and about a man compelled to respond with knee jerk hate to get even -- whenever someone says something he considers "horrible" about him.

Trump's message of hate and negativity is the last thing America needs, and the Republican /party that has blockaded the public good in Congress to make Obama and the Democrats look bad has worked with the hoards of American voters that are not critical thinkers - who merely conclude that Congress has failed.

Of course when the majority in Congress, the Republicans, vote in lockstep against so many things of beneficial interest to the vast majority of Americans - Congress is in gridlock by design. Further, the Press/media enables confusion and anger as it uses the collective word "Congress" and "partisan gridlock" to describe gridlock caused by the GOP blockade.

The Fourth Estate has become worse than non partisan about the truth because it has slanted and skewed public opinion rather than objectively creating informed public opinion - which is its proper role as part of the checks and balances of our Republic.

Consider the FCC's rule against cross ownership has been quashed which has resulted in a huge concentration of the power of the press to form public opinion in the hands of six men who are sociopathically greedy, who also do not care about victims, but do care about their own net worth.

Trump is a reflection of his creationist KKKristian voters (I make a distinction between Christians and the KKK ones) embittered and ignorant with misplaced anger that Trump skillfully gins up with hate. Bloomberg summed it up best - Trump is a con man and has stiffed a lot of people, small businesses and investors.

The most respected generals and admirals in America, who have all worked with Clinton, have all declared him too dangerous to be the commander in chief, and that Clinton will be an excellent commander in chief. These men are normally apolitical.

So this particular election is not merely Americans picking a candidate or a party it is about the future of our Republic and our relationship with the rest of the free world as the most powerful nation and as a beacon of hope.

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