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November 15, 2016


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Beautiful. Thanks, I needed that.

Dave - well written. I feel exactly the same as you and as your daughter. As a woman, and as a mother of a daughter -- and sons for that matter -- this was a sad turn of events. But as an American, it is not only terribly sad it is terribly frightening. I'm with you -- I will watch with an open mind and with hope but I cannot laugh about this yet...if ever

And if you're not laughing, MK, it's serious. Thanks for reading.

Are you part of the "media" that I'm not supposed to trust? This is the scariest aspect for me. Trump says not to be afraid, and to trust him. At the same time, he remains quite opaque about important issues like ISIS, Russia, his own financial conflict(s) of interest and his close relationship with hate-groups. He says "trust me", "I won't tell you what I'm going to do 'cause it's a secret", and "everything the media tells you is plot against me". The media (if that's you) needs to help us all see the real Trump, whoever that is. So yes, laugh a little and cry a little, give him a chance, but don't give him the unprecedented free-pass he seems to be demanding.

To answer your question literally, you can trust me—but no, I am not that part of the media that will investigate Trump, if I ever would have been. Perhaps I would have been had newspapers and other journalistic institutions been thriving when I started writing journalism 15 years ago—instead of shriveling, as they've been doing ever since. I'm fully engaged in running this speechwriters, and so I don't have time to do this, on any level. http://writingboots.typepad.com/writing_boots/2013/11/infographic-investigative-journalism.html

May we find ways to compensate, emancipate and publish those more talented and connected than I, who do have the time.

Hey Dave, this is Laura,

I read this post at the urging of my sister MK. I agree it was worth reading, and I do think you have spoken truthfully and very well. I do appreciate the truth and emotion that you have expressed regarding your feelings and how you do reconcile that for your daughter. In the face of friendships, and with the dismissal of serious concerns by those we respect...this has been a challenge for many of us.

Well done, Dave. I am happy to see you stay true to yourself, no matter by who and how you are challenged

Thanks, Laura. I appreciate that.

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