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January 24, 2017


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just as good as the first time around. Looking forward to the debate.

>>"Let's make sure we do indeed have truth on our side on this one."

Or, at least, alternative truth.

A few random thoughts:

If the election were decided by communicators (and I'm not saying it was), it could be weighed that we chose an abundance of unfiltered communication over hyper-politicized double-speak. From the day after the election, I've said to my liberal friends an abundance of the votes for Trump were not for him, they were against Hillary.

That Trump was elected is the next in a growing number of indicia that the educational system has digressed to the point that today's young adults have no idea of what true statesmen can be. We'd rather have the information NOW, even if it's not accurate; and if it's DRAMATIC, all the better. We are no longer patient, discerning consumers of information.

Unfortunately, the response to his election, primarily illustrated by the protests on Saturday, were just as plagued with knee-jerk talking points, with no one's sound bites being consistent with another. A friend of mine aptly stated that the protests were addressing the "systemic sexism" in our society. I thought that was great. It'd been even better if most of those protesting said similar things. After seeing several group organizers speak to the media, it seems they simply capitalized on the day to get out their issues. I truly regret that with the wave of separate "we're pissed" messages, the general public was not clear about what the protestors were pissed.

Back to Trump. I'm not sure a formal, public protest wouldn't be out of order. I back any message saying "Trump is our President, but his character does not properly represent who we are." I think this was properly conveyed to the rest of the world over the weekend.

What does all of this mean for the professional communicator? Well, for me, it means very little. I will continue to craft messages that inform, engage and inspire. I will build platform arguments, explain corporate goals, and tell the human stories that bind us together as a workforce. I’ll just need to create inflammatory and possibly mildly fictitious 140-character microblogs linking to those stories.

Tom, thanks for this thoughtful response.

I'll take on your points that don't speak for themselves.

First, march organizers could never have dictated a coherent message here. Personally—I was in Chicago—I wished no one would carry any signs or even chant anything, that we'd by our presence, just send a message something like: "President Trump, we're here in big numbers, and we're watching you in big numbers."

Differing signs and agendas notwithstanding, that IS how it felt on Saturday—like a march not of protesters but just of people—and as you indicated, that does seem to have gotten across to the world.

I assume you're kidding with your last sentence. Check back here tomorrow morning. I think your continuing to do your work as you have always done, if others do the same, could make a very big difference indeed.

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