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January 10, 2018


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Here is my advice - and my bona fides. I was a big city newspaper journalist for 20 years, then a communications person at an Ivy League university, and now a speechwriter. In all those jobs I've reported facts and told stories. Currently I work at a big time philanthropy as director of executive communication - and for what it's worth our "Brand Manager" plays a big role in setting the tone of how we tell stories and how we present ourselves to the outside world, including to journalits, partners, grantees, etc. So, what I'm saying is that this could be a good opportunity to create the job you want - and just call it "branding" - because, really, brand is squishy concept.
That said, if you really want to get out and find something else I'd like to suggest you join the Communications Network (I sit on the board). It's a network of people who do communications for social good. Find it online, join, and use the job bank to find something you can feel passionate about!

Every day's a school day, Tanya. Never heard about this group, and I'll refer others to it too.

And there's this, by Penn education history prof Jonathan Zimmerman: https://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/openforum/article/Don-t-let-your-young-people-sell-their-souls-12482986.php

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