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June 07, 2018


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Interesting post, Dave.

When people talk about the best bosses they've ever had, I always mention that one of my favourite bosses was at one of the worst jobs I ever had -- delivering pizza. Both of the restaurant owners were terrific, but one of them used to clean the customer washrooms himself. He said it was just because he couldn't in good conscience ask someone else perform such a crappy (pardon the pun) task in HIS restaurant.

On a related note, did you see the video of the Dutch Prime Minister cleaning up his own spilled coffee? I wonder if your friend would be willing to do that, and how his employees would feel if he just dropped his coffee and left it there.

Perhaps the real question is how do you get those “procedures in place” to allow you to focus on the other stuff? If there really are effective procedures AND employees who are empowered to take care of their jobs, then I agree the entrepreneur may not routinely need to be involved (although an occasional in-depth look may still be a good idea).

And I think the visceral reaction is in response to the undertone suggesting that the entrepreneur is too valuable to worry about the “shit work”—when, in fact, I’d argue it’s the ones who do worry about the small stuff being done right who are most successful (although that doesn’t mean they have to do it all themselves)

Pursing my lips, and scratching my chin, as I think about what you've written.

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