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October 18, 2018


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Yep, another boss undervaluing what good speechwriting actually costs... if only someone had produced a report on the true market value of experienced speechwriters. 😉

From where I sit, the low salary is the best part of this job.

Having been in the job market for the past 15 months, I can testify that this is a fairly standard salary range for an experienced speechwriter. It's depressing. I had one major company interview me for what seemed like an interesting "content editor" job that involved a heavy load of speechwriting. They wanted someone with journalism experience (check), minimum 8 years corporate speechwriting experience (check), social media experience (check) ... the list went on and on. Then I asked the recruiter about the salary range. "They will pay up to EUR 70,000." I tried not to laugh. But I did share with the recruiter that I made more than that as an AP reporter ... 20 years ago!

It's complicated by industry and region, but for experienced writers in corporate jobs, PSA's salary survey (you saw this last year when it came out, yes?) found better results than that. And you yourself made lots more than this in your corporate jobs. Are you observing that speechwriting salaries are actually declining in this tight job market? That'll certainly be a trend to watch for when we redo our survey a couple years hence.

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