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January 31, 2019


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Can't wait!
I hope it's someone super famous and equally shallow.
Don't let me down.

I'll give you a hint. It's Jenna Bush Hager's speechwriter.

So the same mentor of mine who sent me a link to your blog also sent me a link to your blog post talking about why it's a bad idea to argue with you. As I type this out, I realize that this is fundamentally the writer's version of the Soup Nazi episode. Anyway...I'm not here to argue *exactly* but maybe just suggest from a different point of view that the right match of a compelling, big-name speaker with a compelling event agenda, can boost attendance and engagement so that other great content reaches an even bigger audience. I have receipts but this is your house so I'm going leave it at that.

Yes, I agree with that, Lorene—and in addition to Petraeus, we've had Trump's co-author Tony Schwartz, and James Clapper, Hillary Clinton's consigliere Lissa Muscatine and a bunch of other luminaries.

I'm sure that told people the PSA was serious, which mattered especially in the first few years ... and I'm sure that (partly) drew some folks to come.

But we've rarely paid those folks more than expenses, because if you start paying for that celebrity stuff, you have less to spend on the nutrition.

I see so many conferences with huge celeb keynotes, and breakout sessions that are afterthoughts.

I don't want to make my living being people's boondoggle.

I want to be on a boondoggle!

(See, I'm not so tough.)

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