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May 21, 2019


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Brilliantly said

Great blog. Thanks for being the wonderful observer of our communication world. It is more helpful than your might imagine, at least for me.

I love these words despite the wine induced tears that I’m having on a San Francisco Bay ferry, after a local IABC event. Feeling guilty for the wine and needing it all the same. Carry on. We shall. We must. There is no profession without Allan’s professionalism (and no soul in the profession without his rage against the machine, to borrow from another era.)

Thank you. Xoxo

Over the years, I have heard many people describe Allan Jenkins as being various things he is not, which, in most cases, indicated that they didn't really know Allan. You have done an exemplary job of describing Allan, Shel. He is all of those things you list and, of course, more. A case in point: My original takeaway after I'd first met Allan has remained a constant ever since: "Allan Jenkins does not suffer fools gladly." Nor should he or we.

Hej elskede Allan

Din ven Michael Klein gav mig linket til denne side,
Vil bare sige, at jeg altid har elsket dig meget højt. Selv om vores relation altid har været meget kompliceret, har jeg aldrig har været i tvivl om, at du er et godt og elskeligt menneske. Det gør mig så ondt, at du er syg. Ønsker dig alt det bedste, my love😍

Kys og kram, Nina

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