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January 16, 2020


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Excellent points all, and hilarious to boot.

The “Pox” name works for the Black Sox as well.

As far as ethics in sports, it may be arbitrary, but I draw the line at anything beyond player-on-player. When coaches, managers and other team employees get involved, that’s extra to that actual game, and shouldn’t be allowed. Also, a player trying to trick another player is fair game, but a player trying to deceive a ref or ump — whose very presence is designed to keep things on the up-and-up — is pretty foul. I realize many soccer fans consider flopping as just part of the sport, but I think it’s ridiculous and degrading to the game.

Thanks, Randy.

Your first distinction, it seems to me, is valid. It's hard to think of video-bugging t as "part of the game," so I'll give you that. I also think these folks might learn a lesson about how long a team-wide conspiracy can stay secret.

As for your second point, I'm not sure. Catcher's have been "framing" pitches forever ... batters start jogging to first pretending strike three was actually ball four ... and fielders always pretend they made the tag whether they did or not.

So trying to get one over on umps is time-honored. But yes: Elaborate conspiracies are dangerous and dumb, whether they involve throwing games, or just videotaping catchers' fingers.

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